Taxi Driver App

App Purpose

  • Provide a better service experience to taxi drivers, making it easier for them to manage and arrange working hours and schedules.
  • It is convenient for taxi drivers to apply for reimbursement and inquire about transportation and dining discount information.

Research method:

  • Understand the needs and work patterns of taxi drivers to design functions and interfaces that best meet their needs.
  • Consider the design and usage of other similar taxi service apps.

App Purpose

Challenge: Driver safety and distraction – The app should not distract taxi drivers while they are driving, as safety is of the utmost importance.

Solution: Design the app with safety in mind, ensuring that the interface is clean and uncluttered and that the most important information is displayed prominently. Use voice commands or hands-free features where possible to minimize distractions.


  • Through this app, taxi drivers can manage and arrange their work more easily, improving the overall service quality.
  • Make it easy for taxi drivers to apply for reimbursement and check relevant discounts so that they can work and live more efficiently.