Swimming School CMS & App

CMS & App Purpose:

The main purpose of this APP is to provide a convenient tuition and timetable management tool. The client wanted to be able to consolidate and manage all payments and class scheduling to streamline administrative processes and reduce errors and delays.

Challenges and solutions:

Standardization and consistency:

As the app and CMS require many different features and pages, it is important to ensure consistency and standardization throughout the entire design to provide a better user experience. The solution is to create a unified visual style and design system to ensure that all UI elements and pages comply with the system’s specifications and standards.

Data management and organization:

As the app needs to manage a large amount of data, including course and payment information, it is necessary to organize and manage this data so that users can easily find the information they need. The solution is to create a simple data structure and classification system to enable users to easily find the information they need.

Streamlining operations and processes:

As the app and CMS need to handle complex operations and processes, it is necessary to simplify and optimize these operations to make them more intuitive and user-friendly. The solution is to simplify the workflow by reducing redundant steps, increasing automation functions, and providing help information, among other methods.

Expected result:

The APP and CMS provide a simple yet powerful tool for managing courses and payment information, improving management efficiency and accuracy. At the same time, this also provides a convenient way for parents and students to view the class schedule