Chat Integration Platform

What problems is the company facing?

The company needs to handle messages sent by different clients in different ways. Using multiple applications or platforms to handle these messages is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and prone to errors and loopholes. Staff needs to spend more time looking for and following up on different cases, and there is a lack of automatic classification and assignment functions.

Research method:

Develop a CMS platform that can integrate different applications and platforms, unify all messages sent by different clients in different ways on one platform, and have automatic classification and allocation functions.

Challenges and solutions:


  • Messages from different customers come from multiple channels, including WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, and Email, etc., making management difficult.
  • Customer information from multiple channels may require different processing methods and processes, and a platform is required for coordinated management.
  • Unintegrated customer information can be easily missed or lost, resulting in reduced service quality.


  • Develop a CMS platform to integrate information from different channels to provide more unified management.
  • The platform can automatically classify and distribute messages from different channels so that companies can more easily handle customer messages and ensure consistency in handling methods and processes.
  • The CMS platform provides a unified interface, allowing companies to easily view and manage all customer information without switching between multiple different applications.
  • The platform should have a good UX/UI design to ensure that users can easily navigate, view and manage all customer information and ensure a good user experience.
  • The CMS platform should also have a variety of analysis and reporting functions so that companies can understand the trends and performance of customer information, and use this to further improve their service quality.

Design decisions:

  • The UI design of the platform should be clean, clear, easy to navigate and use, and fully consider the user’s usage habits and needs.
  • Since the platform needs to integrate multiple different channels, the UI design should provide a unified style and layout so that users can easily switch and use the platform.
  • Because the platform needs to integrate messages from different channels together, the UI design should provide clear categorization and filtering functions so that users can quickly find and process specific types of messages.
  • The platform should have excellent UX design so that users can easily use the platform and feel comfortable and confident when handling messages.
  • The UI design should have good scalability and customizability so that the company can customize and adjust the platform according to its specific needs and requirements.
  • The platform should have excellent usability and accessibility so that all users can easily access the platform.

Expected Results:

  • The system integrates different applications and platforms and can manage different types of messages uniformly.
  • The automatic classification and allocation system reduces the time and burden of manual message processing by staff and improves processing efficiency.
  • Customer service response speed and accuracy have been improved, and customer satisfaction and loyalty have also increased.
  • The integrated system can improve the work efficiency and quality of staff, and reduce the error rate and loophole rate.